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Reclaiming Biblical Principles Bequeathed to Future Generations

Spurgeon Almost Quit

I’m a great fan of Charles Spurgeon, the famous 19th century London preacher. One of my books on Heaven, We Shall See God, contains selected segments from his sermons on Heaven, so about 60% of the … Read More

Learning to Worship Through Pain

Chris Quilala is recording artist and worship leader with Jesus Culture. He has been involved with the music label and church since its founding. If you don't know his name, you probably know his … Read More

Pursuing God Through Worship

Bethel Music aims to pursue the heart of God. We caught up with a few of Bethel’s writers, singers, and musicians on their recent tour, to talk to them about their passion to create music that … Read More

Wisdom Ponders Death

I visited a man on his death bed yesterday. I left confused. This man had no relationship with Jesus, no interest in the gospel, yet no fear of death. His only desire was to ease his physical pain … Read More

The Heart and the Intellect

It is with the heart that man believes (Romans 10:10). It is with the heart that we are to seek (Deut. 4:29), serve (Deut. 10:12), and love (Deut. 6:5) God. It is only with the heart that we know God … Read More

Wasted My Life-Now What?

A listener named Bruce writes in: “Dear Pastor John, I haven’t read your book, Don’t Waste Your Life. The title is convicting enough. The fact is that I have already wasted it; or at least it feels … Read More

LK10 Spreads to Uganda

Recently, Bob Lidfors, the LK10 Coordinator (along with his wife Barb) in Germany, spent two weeks in Uganda teaching 200 church leaders the CO2 (church of two) concept.  In my interview below with … Read More

Principles: Personal Productivity

We recently talked about the book you just wrote Pastor John, back on Thursday of last week. . . . In light of that, Brandon in Charlotte, NC writes in: “Pastor John, thank you for your … Read More

Four Warnings for Your Twenties

How far do you get into the Old Testament when you start to feel the friction of daily Bible reading? We know the resistance is good for us, like we feel when we exercise, but we often don’t enjoy it … Read More

What Happened at “Easter”?

Most reasonably informed Christians are well aware that many of the traditions that surround the Christmas holidays have pagan origins and very little correlation with the actual events as recorded in … Read More