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Reclaiming Biblical Principles Bequeathed to Future Generations

Do You Want the Friends You Need?

He is often the subject of whispering. "Oh, here he comes — better get your Bibles out." "No wonder no one invites him out to lunch; he can never just have a normal conversation." "I can’t … Read More

Will Your Christmas be Real or Fake?

You can have Christmas without Santa and his elves, without Frosty the snowman, without Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, and without Dasher, Dancer, Prancer and Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner and Blitzen. … Read More

How (Not) to Stay Lukewarm

I thought I was a Christian for years. I swore I had a relationship with God. I believed I could die at any moment and be welcomed into heaven. I wasn’t. I didn’t. I wouldn’t. I did not … Read More

Why Do You Have a Phone?

You make at least a thousand decisions every single day, most of which you never think about, even for a second. That means if you are awake for sixteen hours each day (on average), you make a … Read More

For God, Nothing Is Impossible

God Takes Teen from Dead-End Life to Soccer Greatness BUDAPEST — This is a story of wasted youth and a dead-end life suddenly transformed by the power of God. It's about a troubled teen whose only … Read More

God Wounds Us Because He Loves Us

Often the love we need most is the love we want least. The love feels so harsh, so blunt, so unpleasant in the moment that we often don’t even recognize it as love. My son, do not regard lightly the … Read More

An Amazing Story of Sacrificial Love

500 Miles, Two Best Friends, One Wheelchair “If you have those moments in your life where you just know inside and out it's something you're supposed to do, I just knew. I just knew,” says … Read More

The Last Supper, ca. 1520, by Giovanni Pietro Rizzoli. Source:…